Thursday, April 24, 2014

Unexpected trip on the Moore River

Coffee & a chat with Christian Porter 
Federal Member for Pearce Western Australia

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ruby Tuesday Too

Tinned tomatoes to add to spaghetti & a glass of veg juice to get me going.
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Mellow Yellows

I took a quick dip in the water this morning, first time for over a week. There was still a bit of a rip but not as bad as it has been. Surf Life Savers last few days, they go to the end of April & in May the new road will be started. 
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Shadow Shot Sunday

Seen this morning - sandcastles, stingers (blue bottles), and spotted dog. Not many swimmers.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Brunch at Bibs Tuck Shop

Salmon & eggs on sourdough.
Bacon, eggs & hash brown.
Bacon, eggs, sour dough, hash brown.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Skywatch Friday

White water - a few guys & gals catching waves.
No one here.
Everyone & the dog parked outside Lagoon Cafe - doing good business!
Warning "Don't go into the water, kids". 

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

June Residency

Taking bookings now.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Golden Glow

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ruby Tuesday Too

Gift from South Africa (thanks so much Merryl).
Cute Little Traveller.
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Mellow Yellows

Richard & Marshall having a chat about, maybe the state of the water, how strong the rip was, what lurks beneath the waves? Who knows? Richard went in - I didn't! None of my other mates were there, first day I haven't been in for quite a while. :(
Tomorrow is another day.
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Shadow Shot Sunday Too

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yanchep Lagoon - again!!

Life savers - keeping an eye open on the many people in the water today - another hot one!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Skywatch Friday

One lone walker on the beach under a perfect sky, a few clouds,

just fluffy ones with no threat of rain.
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